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HAILAN Exhaust Air Chimney
During winter,start the chimney fan,which can form a negative pressure inside of the house.The fresh air enter into the house through the air inlets and ceiling wooden fiberboard.This supplement ensures sufficient air volume and lower air velocity,it is more advantageous to the growth of animals.


1、HAILAN Exhaust Air Chimney Advantage:

◆Making the air flow more well-distributed,thetemperature difference less than 1.5℃.

◆Overturn the temperature in Winter,thetemperature where the livestock living is higher than the roof,reduce25% of the heating cost.

◆Verticalventilation,avoidcross contamination,reduce the sicken of the livestock.

◆0-10V variable voltage and speed control.

◆When no voltage or current offer, exhaust is not affected(Stack effect).

◆PE body anti-corrosion,20 years working life.

2、HAILAN Exhaust Air Chimney Specification: