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HAILAN Chimney Air Inlet
Chimney air inlet provides a steady fresh-air distrbution in the livestock building.It is assembled just below the roof and leads the fresh air from the outside through the roof area to the inside of the building. The freash air is subsequently delivered through the distributing disc.


1、HAILAN Chimney Air Inlet Advantages:

◆For the most part,the system can do without any recirculation fan due to the cooperation of the distributing disc.

◆In principle the Chimney air inlet can be used in all kinds of livestock houses.However,it’s  application rurns especially advantageous ,If The usage takes place in especially cold areas;The livestock buliding does not have an intermedidate ceiling or an attic;Shown by very wide and long monoblock-design and block-design farms with several sections inside;It is not possible or not desirable to apply a fresh-air supply through air inlets or air ceilings;An even-pressure or low-pressure ventilation through the roof shall be applied.

◆It can be driven by 0-10V actuator.

2、HAILAN Chimney Air Inlet Specifications: